Android 4 Stock Contacts

Datum přidání: Oct 06, 2012 2:27:40 PM

In the Android 4, there is only one correctly working contacts application - the stock contacts application, part of Android Open Source Project. Unfortunately often stock contacts application is replaced by a false contacts application by manufacturer or user installs a false application being humbugged by false review or similar.

There are 3 categories of false contacts applications

I experienced data loss caused by Samsung contacts application so I prepared True Contacts for Android 4.0.x to avoid contacts data loss and corruption again.

Let's explain issue in detail - with Samsung contacts application.

Samsung contacts application is legacy (Android 1) application in Android 4 that is patched together by Samsung to somehow work in following Android version, but Samsung contacts application

If contact with various phone numbers is created in Android stock application

and is open in the Samsung contacts application editor

the contact is open corrupted - it does not know all various numbers and puts Mobile instead of correct number type - and if you save it data will be corrupted and can be lost.

To avoid this unwanted situation it is possible to configure stock contacts application as default contact editor - select stock contacts editor as default when editing contact: