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Answers to various questions

  1. Local Sync paid version
    There is no paid version, Local Sync is freeware (no ads or additional unwanted code)

  2. install stock contacts application if proprietary does not work correctly
    In case proprietary contacts application does not work correctly (in Android 4), try to find somewhere/ask manufacturer for stock contacts app

  3. android ics create local contact
    Add Local Sync account and then you can add local sync contacts

  4. android Local Sync cannot sync Outlook category
    you can take a look at category manager on categories, you can start category manager from either Android tasks or notes applicaton

  5. how to download localsync.zip
    Go to Files, download LocalSync.zip by clicking on link there

  6. local sync cannot download update
    wait some time, because it takes some time Google Play enables update, check that your phone is still compatible with Local Sync

  7. manually add local calendar android
    It is not possible to add Local Sync calendar manually, it is created automatically with first Outlook sync, name of the calendar is email address of Outlook account

  8. Local Sync authorities in account configuration are disabled
    Go to Local Sync account configuration and enable authorities (Settings - Accounts and synchronization)

  9. Local Sync pc not paired with this phone
    You removed e.g. pairing in Windows Local Sync, in that case synchronization is not possible and you must re-pair Android and Windows

  10. Android create Local Sync contact account
    Local Sync contact account is automatically created after Local Sync account is added (for some older phones internal account is used)

  11. Local Sync duplicated/triplicated all my contacts.
    Local Sync does not duplicate contacts or whatever. Probably after first sync there are the same contacts in other accounts or similar. It is possible to merge contacts from many accounts into one merged contacts.

  12. Duplicated recurrent tasks
    This is likely caused by corrupted Outlook data file, fix your data file by scanpst utility. Local Sync is carefully programmed to correctly synchronize all existing kinds of recurrent tasks.

  13. Unfortunately there is a bug in Outlook which only alows to transfer 1023 appointments.
    There is no such a bug in Outlook, if you experience this issue try to repair your Outlook data file (pst) with scanpst utility.

  14. Cannot find or create directory for device synchronization
    You must specify directory for files/directories synchronization in paired device configuration screen, open this screen by double clicking on paired device in Windows Local Sync. Select directory by clicking on directory button and using directory dialog. You can remove directory definition by pressing Del key.

  15. Android local account
    Android local account is Local Sync account. You can add Local Sync account when you install Local Sync application for Android. You can or need not use synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. Local Sync account is the best since Android 4.0, because e.g. stock contacts application is created in a way to support fully other applications (such as Local Sync, etc.). Local Sync calendar is however created with Outlook synchronization (feature to have possibility to create local calendar manually can be added).

  16. Local Sync one direction synchronization
    Local Sync synchronizes correctly bidirectionally contacts, tasks, notes, categories, calendar, files. For files there is possibility to setup one directional sync device to PC.