Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder is extremely fast and efficient utility for finding and processing file duplicates on drives.

Application window consists of 3 main parts.

Part 1 is list of directories which will be searched for duplicates.
  1. It is possible to add directory in this list by pressing Add dir button
  2. It is possible to drag and drop directories in
  3. It is possible to remove directory from list by selecting directory and pressing Del key

Part 2 contains actions that are possible to perform:
  1. Find duplicates - will search for duplicate files in directories from the list
  2. Check dir - will check if selected directory (directory selection dialog will pop up after pressing button) contains duplicate files that are in directories from the directories list - useful e.g. for importing data and removing duplicates
  3. Move All - will move all duplicates into selected directory
  4. Move Selected - will move selected files into directory

Part 3 is list of duplicate files found.

  1. It is possible to select multiple files and right click for context menu - remove files from list or move selected files into directory (the same function as button Move Selected)
  2. At the bottom there is available filtering field filtering - search words can be entered separated by spaces, work can be preceded by minus for exclusion

If file is moved first time directory selection dialog is shown (if selected path is shown in status bar at bottom left corner), subsequent move operations will be done in this directory. Directory can be changed later by clicking on it.

Download Duplicates Finder