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Local Sync on Android 4 - system upgrade

posted Aug 30, 2012, 2:21 AM by Ondřej Pšenčík   [ updated Aug 31, 2012, 5:48 AM ]
Due to various issues in contacts application caused by proprietary changes made by manufacturers in Android 2 and 3 Local Sync synchronized contacts into various accounts (and not Local Sync account) - HTC devices and Samsung tablets - therefore if one updated Android firmware without wipe following would happen on some devices:
  1. Local Sync update is offered in Google Play because there is special version for Android 4
  2. One updates Local Sync
  3. One runs synchronization
  4. Contacts are moved in Outlook into trash (because account changed and it looks like all contacts were deleted)
Move contacts from trash back again to contacts.

Second scenario is that Local Sync was uninstalled before update as it is instructed on program web page.
  1. One installs Local Sync from Android market
  2. One runs synchronization
  3. Contacts are "duplicated"
In fact contacts are not duplicated, but there is double set of contacts in original (non Local Sync) account and Local Sync account. So it is only necessary to delete contacts in original account (as described on program web page, it is phone account on HTC devices and device account on Samsung tablets).

Android 4 supports fully 3rd party apps/external accounts. See Local Sync and Android 4 ICS.

If you have any questions related to Android update (from version 2 or 3 to version 4) use Q&A.